If you're the parent of a K-12th grader, you know that there are several occasions where your child (and maybe you, too) will need or want to dress in old-fashioned clothing or as a famous historical figure. We have a steady stock of pioneer, colonial and Victorian costumes and old-fashioned clothing just for this purpose, in a variety of sizes and styles. So, if you or your child need a costume, we can help!

Our costumes are great for...

One-room School House field trips
Wax Museum Night
Hero Day presentations
Famous American reports
Apple Valley Days
Gold Rush Days
Colonial Days
Forest Home Farms
School Plays
America Rocks
Gold Dust or Bust
Oklahoma Land Run
Laura Ingalls Days
Little House on the Prairie
Oregon Trail
Pioneer Days
Pioneer Trek
Heritage Days
Wagon Masters
Fort Tejon

These are some historical figures that we've costumed:

Florence Nightingale
Annie Sullivan
Helen Keller
Mary Cassat
Rosa Parks
Eleanor Roosevelt
Susan B. Anthony
Amelia Earhart
Harriet Tubman
Abigail Adams
Laura Ingalls Wilder

Walt Disney
Wilbur or Orville Wright
John Muir
Theodore Roosevelt
John Sutter
Daniel Boone
Thomas Edison

Here are just a few examples of the costumes we offer...

(these specific items have sold --they are shown as examples, so your order won't be exactly what you see here)



Please review the important information about our items and store policy list below before you start shopping. A link to our online pioneer store is located below this information.

The Polka Dot Attic Online Store Info and Policies

**The Polka Dot Attic will not be shipping between - - - -.

About the costumes: All of my costumes are hand-made or re-purposed in America by me and sold from California. Some are new, some vintage, some re-purposed; all authentic-looking and cotton for your pioneer/wax museum/biography report/event. Check out our Facebook photos page to see items that we've sold and are currently selling. I do not order any of this from a catalog, so I can't send a dress in another size. I can't mail the exact shirt in a photo below. These are samples but NOT the actual item you will receive unless it's new suspenders or a new white apron or bonnet.

Sizing: Get out your tape measure! I can fit your child if you tell me five things:

1.) his/her grade

2.) shirt size with a number (6, 7, 8, 10, 12, 14, etc.)

3.) height in inches for dresses, length from waist to top of shoe for skirts

4.) build (slim, average, husky) and

5.) color preference.

For boys, I need to know head size for hats (small, med, large for his age - you can measure around his head if you want to be exact).

All bonnets are for 3rd-6th graders and women with small heads.

Please view the Facebook photos first if you want to see the exact outfit you are choosing.

If you don't have time and you TRUST me to choose the outfit, I will be happy to. I've been doing this for 8 years. I've had four unhappy customers in 8 years (that's pretty good odds, don't you think?).

Purchases: Please note that many items featured below have been sold. I have similar but not exact items for sale unless it’s a new item.

Buy them below with Paypal or call (925) 838-8004 or (925) 519-4964 to use a credit card, Visa or MC.

Please take care when choosing the sizes and colors of your items. Altered clothing cannot be returned.

Shipping: Orders placed and paid on a Monday will arrive by Wed/Thurs/Fri of the same week. No orders altered until paid. If short on time, call (925) 838-8004 to confirm arrival date for your purchase. Cell number okay if I’m not driving (925) 519-4964. Visa and Mastercard by phone only. International shipping available but more costly, of course, and takes much longer- please call to get a shipping/time estimate. Overnight shipping in continental U.S. is available with USPS for $19.99 envelope, $43.00 box, must go out by 2:30 P.M. PST. West-coast addresses will be cheaper (must call and confirm overnight order over the phone).

You will receive a cash/check refund in your shipment if the cost of shipping your items was less than what you paid!

Please call (925) 519-4964 to confirm arrival date for your purchase if you are short on time.

I've read The Polka Dot Attic's store policies, and I'm ready to shop!

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