Our answers to your frequently asked questions:

1. Are you closed?
No! We're still going strong. Our biggest inventory is now pioneer clothes, but we still sell children's books and a variety of vintage items.

2. Where are you located?
The Polka Dot Attic moved out of the historic Danville hotel a few years ago because the building was slated for destruction. We now operate out of the owner's private residence and sell many of the same items (especially pioneer clothes, hankerchiefs and teacups).

3. How do I shop at the Polka Dot Attic?
Shopping with us is easy! Books and pioneer clothes can be purchased online. All items can be purchased in person by scheduling an appointment with the owner, Susan. Please call (925) 838-8004 or email susanpolkadot at gmail to schedule your appointment.

4. Are you a thrift store?

5. Do people donate items here?
No, unless they are vintage and approved by the owner (rarely).

6. Do you buy vintage items?
Not in the current economy.

7. Do you do consignment?

8. Do you do trades on vintage items?
Possibly, but most likely not.

9. Do you rent costumes?
No, we sell costumes.

10. Do you buy back costumes?

11. Do you have room to sell your homemade items?
Unfortunately, no.

12. Do you take returns?
Yes, for exchange or store credit only.

13. Where do you get the vintage items?
From estate sales.

14. Where do you get the new items?
The new items come from various wholesale vendors.

15. Can I make special order signs with my own sayings?
No, unless you order 6 of the same saying (the signs can be in different colors).

16. Can I order wooden signs in smaller sizes?

17. Can I order signs in different colors?
Yes, there are now 23 to choose from (there used to only be 15).

18. How long does it take to get a special sign or special color order?
Anywhere from 2 to 4 weeks.

19. Can I return the sign if it doesn't fit/ I don't like it?
Yes, for exchange or store credit.

20. Can you change the font?

21. Do you like doing inventory?
No. With the exception of large items and new books, our wares change frequently (too frequently to merit posting all of our items for sale on our website, certainly!)

22. Do you have gift certificates?

~ The PDA

The Polka Dot Attic - Danville, CA - (925) 838-8004

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