Peek Inside

We are no longer located at 411 Hartz Ave, but The Polka Dot Attic is still in business. We now operate our of our owner's home and sell many of the same items that you could find at our former location. Scroll down this page for a low-tech "virtual walkthrough" of our former location and learn what the last funky store in Danville still has to offer!

Come on in!

We have tons of old books (so many that it's earned us the nickname "The Library") and several new ones too - for the latter, see our online bookshop!

Cowgirl corner

Dishes room

Lots of silver

Single, saucerless teacups & demitasse teacups (with saucers)
Teacups and saucers

Silver serving spoons, forks, knives
New notecards, postcards and books

Vintage silver and china
Antique, working scale - come give it a try! For 5 cents it will tell you your weight and your horoscope, or, for $300, you can take it home.

Antique Hoosier
Vintage clothing.
New wooden signs.
Metal, reproduction signs.
It's true!
Come back soon!

The Polka Dot Attic - Danville, CA - (925) 838-8004

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